Audio Exercise: Interview Simulation

Use: Text-to-speech (TTS) translator AT&T
Interview topic: Will eLearning be successful in your company?
Interview panel:
The Interviewer (you): Ask each person to comment and respond to any questions.
Mike: Is positive and describes the advantages of elearning.
Audrey: Is negative and describes the disadvantages of elearning.
Anjali: Is neutral, she asks a question and you respond.


1: Write the interview script for each of the participants.
2: Record your (the interviewer) introduction, questions, etc.
3. Locate and download music and sound effects to use in the interview’s introduction and end.
4. Use the TTS translator to “record” the comments and questions of the interview panel.
5. Use Audacity to edit your recordings and create your simulated interview.
6. Upload the simulation’s audio file to DivShare and embed in your wiki space.