The Project Brief:

Your client is a college campus that has contracted your team to develop a concept for a digital media product to illustrate external campus facilities that will benefit students e.g. parks, cafes, transport, etc. The client has requested three design options/alternatives to prove your team's concept.

Written Assignment 40%

Proof of Concept Report: 30%

Report adopts a business report format.
Clear description of why your design concept will achieve the client’s goal.
Analysis of the target audience.
Images used to enhance the report.
Storyboard included as an appendix.
Links to project management wiki and a team capability video.
Innovative report design.

Team Capability Video: 10%

Team and roles identified.
Team’s strengths highlighted.
Use of innovative photos and slides.
Here are the team capability videos for the MM2 class

Practical Assignment 40%

Project Management: 20%

Use of a wiki to demonstrate:
1. Requirements specification for digital media.
2. Team collaboration
3. Storyboard
4. Prototype (embed)

Product prototype: 20%

Use of an innovative concept and ideas.
Use of multimedia.
Achieves the project brief.
Professional production.